Boostrap workshop

Held in October 9th, the HCIM bootstrap workshop for 2007/2008 conveyed the different projects and subgroups currently being developed at HCIM. The following presentations were made:


Presented by Rui Lopes, it discusses in a very shallow fashion the HCIM research team in different aspects: Human (who's who at HCIM), Computer (what resources are available), and Interaction (how can researchers communicate). Download PDF (in portuguese)

Understanding Structural Coupling in Augmented Environments

Presented by Nuno Guimarães. Download PDF (in english)


Presented by Thibault Langlois, it describes initial steps done in our(*) new activity: [Music Information Retrieval using Machine Learning Techniques] (in portuglish). (*) Alexandre Bernardo, Gonçalo Marques and Thibault Langlois.

Absolute Interaction

Presented by Luís Carriço, it presents the rational, the people and the projects around cleaver coherent Human Computer Interaction everywhere, to everyone and with everything the human posssess. Download PDF (in english).

Video in Multimedia: cognition, entertainment & art

Presented by Teresa Chambel. Download PDF (in english)

See, Hear or Read the Film: multimedia contents time alignment

Presented by Carlos Teixeira. Download PDF (in english)