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Paulo Ribeiro
HCIM Junior Researcher

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Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Bloco C6 - Piso 3, Sala 6.3.34, Campo Grande

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About me

I'm Paulo Ribeiro and i am currently getting a master's degree in Software Engineering at University of Lisbon, Faculdade de Ciências. Also, i am a member of the HCIM research group within LaSIGE, since September 2012.

My interests lie in japonese anime and manga, as well as videogames. Regarding music, i prefer to listen to rock music, although i pretty much listen a bit of everything. Quality time with friends and family are highly appreciated by me.

Research and Projects

I am currently working on my master's degree research project entitled "Exodus - Exergames for Ubiquitous Scenarios". Exergames consist of digital games in which its results are predominantly determined by the players’ physical effort.

This project aims to study how the use of different modalities in ubiquitous scenarios can influence the player´s social behavior in exergames. It also aims at formulating an analysis of player performance while playing, considering what aspects can be conceived to improve a players´ performance and how those aspects influence social interaction and motivation.

The object of study will be an exergame related with jogging. Jogging is known to be a form of trotting or running at a slow pace which allows practitioners to increase their physical fitness and their life span, decrease the effects of aging and benefits the cardiovascular system. Jogging is typically a sport practiced outdoors by athletes and enthusiasts and shares a concept of an organized activity that promotes fitness and sociability.

My current research interests are:

  • Human Computer Interaction;
  • Mobile Systems and Interaction;
  • Ubiquitous Computing ;
  • Multimodal interaction.


Departamento de Informática
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Bloco C6 - Piso 3, Sala 6.3.34, Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa - Portugal

e-mail: pribeiro (at)