The main goal of the RiPlay project is to develop an application able to read and playback enriched Digital Talking Books (DTBs). DTBs provide a easier access to literature for the visually impaired by combining a visual representation of the book with the audio reproduction of the narration.

The enriched DTBs extend this concept by including other types of media, such as images, sounds or video. Also, new interaction possibilities are created, providing important accessibility options for the target user population. This project is part of the IPSOM project currently being developed.


  • Develop an application able to read and playback DTBs;
  • Find solutions for the synchronization issues between the various types of media;
  • Study the possible usage of a speech synthesizer as a complement or alternative to narration;
  • Include a speech recognition engine as an alternative to the traditional command menus;
  • Study new ways to read the book, including readings at various speeds.


  • Synchronization between text and audio;
  • Easy to use book navigation, either between sections or freely through the text;
  • Possibility to add annotations to a specific place in the book;
  • Speech synthesizer that reads commands and annotations;
  • Different reading speeds, slower and faster.
  • New ways to read the book, like quick overviews of the book content