A-CSCW:Video Repository


Welcome to the A-CSCW video repository, which stores videos of users' faces and screen recordings captured during the experiments with ABTool, an Attentive Brainstorming Tool.

Please note that access to the materials in this repository is restricted to A-CSCW researchers from the University of Lisbon and INESC. Any other use of these materials is subject to prior written permission by the participants in the experiment.


Video Analysis Table

The following file is an Excel 2003 spreadsheet (also available in PDF format for quick reference) containing the start and end times of relevant brainstorming sessions, shown in yellow and blue.

How the Timings Were Obtained

The first step was to create a temporal baseline by inspecting the screen recordings for session states, such as running or ended. This was necessary because although each session lasted a predetermined amount of time, the inter-session periods had variable lengths. The second step was to match the events on the temporal baseline against the indications on the users' faces about, for example, the moments when a session ended, typically signalled by the user suddenly looking away from the computer display.

The spreadsheet provides automatic guidance for the second step, but manual adjustment was still required not only to synchronise the two video feeds, but also to cater for relatively small discrepancies between the timings of consecutive events, which sometimes were greater than ten seconds.

Problems Encountered

Two main problems were encountered during the video analysis. The first was that five of the original videos were not available, mostly because of data corruption and insufficient disk space. The second problem was that the face of some of the users was not completely covered by the camera, either because of poor initial camera orientation or simply due to the user adopting an unpredictable body posture.

Video Camera Files

These video files were captured by web cameras pointing at the users' faces, one per user. The videos cover an entire experimental run, which means that individual sessions must be extracted based upon the timings on the video analysis table (see above). The videos have no sound and the compression format is Xvid.

Screen Recorder Files

The following are screen recorder files, showing user activity within the ABTool window, which were used to create the initial temporal baseline. As in the previous case, no sound is available and the video compression format is Xvid.

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