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I graduated from University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences. I took my degree in Information and Communication Technologies . Currently, I’m attending the second year of Informatics MSc, in which I’m going to develop an interactive storytelling application for autistic children.


The project that I'm currently envolved aims to improve social competences of children with autism. Consequently, an application will be developed that allows creating several interactive stories for autistic children where interactivity is obtained through the use of gestures. The therapist may create or edit the scenes of each story according to the children’s needs. Each story will have several scenes and each scene will be defined by a gesture introduction, a gesture, a background and a reinforcement. A Kinect will be used for motion capture and while the gesture isn’t executed a background image is displayed so the child doesn’t lose interest. This application may be used in sessions that use technology to help children develop their social competences.


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